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3north LLC, home of 3north natural stone®, is committed to providing the highest quality, broadest selection and most innovative cut and random stone products available in the Western USA - featuring natural thin veneer and a wide array of cut stone products. We strive to do this with an “Easy to Buy From” Customer Service experience. All 3north natural stone® products are fabricated from 100% natural stone! We specialize in:
  • Natural Stone Thin Veneer
  • Gauged Wall Cladding and Tile
  • Tumbled Products
  • Natural Stone Dimensional Pavers
  • Saw Cut and Guillotined Dimensional Stone
  • Random stand up select stone and flat palletized patio stone sourced from all parts of North America
We are most proud of our extensive natural thin veneer product offering as well as our high output and highly accurate cut stone capabilities. We invite you to explore the web site to learn more!

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